Book Release Date and Preorders

Book Release Date and Preorders

We have a release date for the book! 🙂  Train Your Dog Now! Your Instant Training Handbook, from Basic Commands to Behavior Fixes will be on shelves and available for order on March 6th.

You can preorder starting now, if you’re excited about the book and want to get your hands on it as soon as possible.  We are offering some additional bonus content for readers who choose to preorder – a short companion article on common mistakes that beginner dog trainers often make.

To get the bonus article, just email me at with proof of your preorder.  This could be a screenshot of your purchase confirmation page, a copy of your email receipt, etc.  I will send the article back as a PDF attachment that you can download and enjoy at your leisure.

Links to preorder are provided below.  If you have any questions about the book, feel free to ask!

Preorder from Amazon

Preorder from Barnes and Noble



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